Get Involved

Welcome to the Xfce community. By joining our team, you will be part of an international effort by hundreds of people working to deliver a stunning Free Software computing experience. You will meet new friends, learn new skills and make a difference to millions of users while working with people from all around the globe. There are many different ways you can become part of this, just read on and pick an area which interests you or seems challenging.

Possible tasks include testing, bug reporting; writing code, developing artwork, documentation or translations; or spreading the word and helping out with promotion and marketing both on line and at tradeshows and conferences.


There's lots of people using and testing Xfce. By providing useful and up-to-date documentation, you will make a big impact on helping people understand how to make the most of the Xfce Desktop Environment. Learn More →


Are you fluent in multiple languages? By contributing your translations of text to the Xfce Desktop Environment, you will help Xfce be a better part of the global market and more accessible to the millions of potential users out there. Learn More →


By becoming a developer, you can make a big difference while enjoying a challenging and fun experience. You'll learn to be a better coder, you will get to implement new features and defeat daunting bugs, creating a stunning product, all the while collaborating with people from all around the world. You can start by browsing the source code.


If you own a blog or website you can greatly help by spreading the word and encouraging new users to give Xfce a try. If you have a Mastodon or Twitter account you can also help by reposting any announcements we make to help us reach a larger audience.

Bug Reporting and testing

One of the most useful tasks that we rely on the community for is testing and reporting of bugs. Since Xfce runs on various platform and in a lot of different setups, testing all changes in every possible situation is an impossible task. As such we kindly ask users to assist in testing, and reporting all bugs they may find, using our bug tracker.

Once a bug has been found, the cause of the bug needs to be tracked down, and then (obviously) fixed. If you want to get involved in the actual development process of Xfce a great way to start is by solving bugs and then submitting a patch file.


If you want to fund the project, you can use OpenCollective. Xfce has created two collectives, known as Xfce ($) and Xfce-Eu (€) respectively. Learn More →